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I found an idea for scripting the installation of IIS7 on Vista

I'm looking for a similar solution for IIS 5.1 on Windows XP. Any ideas?

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Create your unattend text file. Check the following document on the Windows Server CD for all relevant options: support\tools\deploy.cab -- unattend.doc on W2K, or ref.chm for XP/W2K3

It looks something like this; here are some common ones you can pick from:


iis_common = ON

iis_inetmgr = ON iis_www = ON

iis_ftp = ON

iis_doc = ON

iis_htmla = ON

iis_pwmgr = ON

mts_core = ON

fp = OFF

fp_extensions = OFF

iis_smtp = OFF

iis_nntp = OFF

2. Set Registry key at HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\SourcePath = "" i.e. SourcePath="\server\share" where \server\share\i386 contains Windows files.

3. Run: SYSOCMGR.EXE /i:sysoc.inf /r /n /u: Make sure the identity which runs this command has access to \server\share


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