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I have drawn a plot in R.

plot(NA,xlim=c(0,1),ylim=c(0,1), xlab=expression(delta),ylab="K", xaxs="i",yaxs="i",main = "Zones of extreme equality and inequality in BO1") # Empty plot
cols <- c("red","black")
legend("topright",legend=c("Gini < 0.05","Gini > 0.6"), density=c(NA,NA), angle=c(NA,NA), col=cols)

The box in the legend is not getting coloured. What is wrong here ?

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Try using pch:

       legend=c("Gini < 0.05","Gini > 0.6"), 
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Maybe you try it like this:

legend("topright",legend=c("Gini < 0.05","Gini > 0.6"), pch=15, col=cols)
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You can also just put the colors in fill:

legend("topright",legend=c("Gini < 0.05","Gini > 0.6"), fill=cols)
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