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I think that Breeze is a truly exceptional tool and it, along with durandal, knockout are central to our enterprise level development efforts.

However, as it currently stands, the out-of-box validation capabilities aren't up to our client's standards. Since Breeze is not a UI tool, it's ability to provide validation feedback is limited. I've seen attempts to integrate Breeze validation with Knockout, but so far these efforts seem to be insufficient.

I'd be interested in hearing from Ward or Jay as to any plans to address this issue and as to any potential timeframe. Perhaps you might provide some insight in what we might expect in terms of enhanced validation UI.

Also: I'd like to hear from other Breeze users and what they are doing to handle validation.


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I agree that we haven't connected the dots. There are many ways to expose to the UI the validation messages within a Breeze entity. You can tie it into HTML5 native validation, tie it into KO validation (if your're using Knockout) or into Angular validation if that's your thing. Then each HTML widget vendor has it's preferred way. We can't cover them all. But we can and should show some kind of example other than toastr. Help from the community would be most welcome. –  Ward May 18 '13 at 17:28
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