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Can u tell me shortly the difference and similarity between those methodologies: scrum, XP and RUP. Can u compare using table, it better for me to understand. Im new to this. Shortly but fully information cuz i may use this in the exam. Any help would be much appreciate. Thanks.

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They are all part of AGILE software development. Thus, they share some common features like being iterative. But they cover different parts of SWDev. See this picture:

SCRUM: Is a way of doing projects. It gives you a framework of habits to apply so you get your team to work most effectively and improve the teamwork over time.

XP: Is a set of development habits. They are much more focused on how good quality is build into the code. XP is a very nice tool set for the SCRUM Development Team (the guys writing code in scrum)

RUP: Is a full fledged SW development method on its own. It start much earlier than scrum in the life cycle and also gives advice on project endings. Big companies like IBM use it, but tend to take all agility away (making release cycles very long kills all agility)

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