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This is my view:

@foreach(var student in ViewBag.Students){
        <div class="editor-field">
            @Html.DropDownListFor(x => x.StudentId, (IEnumerable<SelectListItem>)ViewBag.Students)
            @Html.DropDownListFor(x => x.MeetingEventId, (IEnumerable<SelectListItem>)ViewBag.Events)


And this is my controller:

        public ActionResult Create(EventEnrollment[] eventenrollment)
                if (ModelState.IsValid)
                    foreach (var enrollment in eventenrollment)
                    return RedirectToAction("Index", "Enrollment", null);

                return View(eventenrollment);


How can I get an array from the value of those multiple dropdownlistst as parameter for my create in my controller? Or isn't this possible? Sorry if my question is a bit confusing but I am from Russia.

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