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i'm making a program to calibrate a camera and remove the distortion with a chessboard using OpenCV in Java. I've been reading "Learning OpenCV" and my code is quite similar but even the program run without errors the results are wrong. I'm looking for the intrinsic matrix and the distortion coefficients.

Could someone help me? I'm desperate!! Briefly,i set the size of the cheesboard (4 points for width and 5 for height).

I capture an image, and create 4 matrix image_points, object_points, image size (as inputs) camera_matrix and distortion_coefficients (as outputs). Then i apply a smooth filter (Gaussian one) for the noise effects and:

cvFindChessboardCorners(image, board_sz, corners, corner_count, CV_CALIB_CB_FAST_CHECK);

        cvCvtColor(image, gray_image, CV_BGR2GRAY);
        cvFindCornerSubPix(                         // Get Subpixel accuracy on those corners
                cvSize(-1, -1),
                cvTermCriteria(CV_TERMCRIT_EPS + CV_TERMCRIT_ITER, 30,

         cvDrawChessboardCorners(image, board_sz, corners,
                corner_count[0], found);

cvCalibrateCamera2(object_points2, image_points2, point_counts2,
        cvGetSize(image), intrinsic_matrix, distortion_coeffs, null,

IplImage mapx = cvCreateImage(cvGetSize(image), IPL_DEPTH_32F, 1);
IplImage mapy = cvCreateImage(cvGetSize(image), IPL_DEPTH_32F, 1);

cvInitUndistortMap(intrinsic, distortion, mapx, mapy);

while (image != null) {
                imga = ImageIO.read(u);
                image = IplImage.createFrom(imga);

    IplImage t = cvCloneImage(image);
    rawFrame.showImage(image); // Show raw image
    cvRemap(t, image, mapx, mapy, CV_INTER_LINEAR
            | CV_WARP_FILL_OUTLIERS, cvScalarAll(0));
                undistortFrame.showImage(image); // Show corrected image

The parameters that I have to obtain, should be close at these ones:
* intrinsic matrix:

fx 800.161011;
fy = 800.174866;
cx = 648.423279;
cy = 483.997681;
  • distortion coefficients:

    k1 -4.25992794e-002; k2 = -1.11125395e-001; k3 = 8.78498256e-002; k4 = 3.94474864e-002; k5 = -1.00275539e-001; k6 = 8.33327100e-002; p1 = 6.98052521e-004; p2= 4.69301594e-004;

I'm really desperate! thank you very much! :)

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There is too much code, post an SSCCE. –  Mr D May 18 '13 at 16:30
i'm sorry, i have just summarized the code ;) –  Raquel Aguilar Gómez May 18 '13 at 18:00

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