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I found the RubyForge documentation, which is a little tricky to navigate.

There's a basic tutorial on the Ruby On Windows blog. But I've already moved on from that.

What other WxRuby resources have you found useful?

Or, if not WxRuby specifically, what Wx resources have you found useful from a Ruby perspective?

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As the tumbleweeds, er, tumbled around this question, I discovered that there are extensive (about 60) samples in the, er, samples directory for the wxruby gem. There's a big all-in-one demo, called bigdemo.rb that shows off all kinds of useful and exciting things.

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If you use the installer I think, not sure, you should see a folder inside wx's main folder, its called doc, otherwise, just google 'wxruby' and the name of the class or object you want to know about,

For example:


As you can see, the URL is my hard drive. I'm not sure where to direct you, but this is the most useful resource I have found yet, I'm not sure about the more complex controls of widgets, but I'm sure wx isn't the best GUI out there.

If want, I wouldnt mind emailing the folder to you, there are several hundred html documents of very useful information on it

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