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I have a string sort function defined as below and want to prove a lemma sort_str_list_same below. I am not Coq expert, I tried to solve it using induction, but could not solve it. Please help me solving it. Thanks,

Require Import Ascii.
Require Import String.

Notation "x :: l" := (cons x l) (at level 60, right associativity).
Notation "[ ]" := nil.
Notation "[ x , .. , y ]" := (cons x .. (cons y nil) ..).

Fixpoint ble_nat (n m : nat) : bool :=
  match n with
  | O => true
  | S n' =>
      match m with
      | O => false
      | S m' => ble_nat n' m'

Definition ascii_eqb (a a': ascii) : bool :=
if ascii_dec a a' then true else false. 

(** true if s1 <= s2; s1 is before/same as s2 in alphabetical order *)
Fixpoint str_le_gt_dec (s1 s2 : String.string) 
 : bool :=
 match s1, s2 with 
 | EmptyString, EmptyString => true
 | String a b, String a' b' => 
        if ascii_eqb a a' then str_le_gt_dec b b'
        else if ble_nat (nat_of_ascii a) (nat_of_ascii a')
         then true else false
 | String a b, _ => false
 | _, String a' b' => true

Fixpoint aux (s: String.string) (ls: list String.string) 
 : list String.string :=
 match ls with 
 | nil => s :: nil
 | a :: l' => if str_le_gt_dec s a 
              then s :: a :: l' 
              else a :: (aux s l')

Fixpoint sort (ls: list String.string) : list String.string :=
 match ls with 
 | nil => nil
 | a :: tl => aux a (sort tl)

Notation "s1 +s+ s2" := (String.append s1 s2) (at level 60, right associativity) : string_scope.

Lemma sort_str_list_same: forall z1 z2 zm, 
 sort (z1 :: z2 :: zm) =
 sort (z2 :: z1 :: zm).
Proof with o.
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Your lemma is equivalent to forall z1 z2 zm, aux z1 (aux z2 zm) = aux z2 (aux z1 zm). Here's how you can prove a similar theorem, for an arbitrary type with an order relation. To use it in your case, you just have to prove the given hypothesis. Note that the Coq standard library defines some sorting functions and proves lemmas about them, so you may be able to solve your problem without having to prove too many things.

Require Import Coq.Lists.List.

Section sort.

Variable A : Type.

Variable comp : A -> A -> bool.

Hypothesis comp_trans :
  forall a b c, comp a b = true ->
                comp b c = true ->
                comp a c = true.

Hypothesis comp_antisym :
  forall a b, comp a b = true ->
              comp b a = true ->
              a = b.

Hypothesis comp_total :
  forall a b, comp a b = true \/ comp b a = true.

Fixpoint insert (a : A) (l : list A) : list A :=
  match l with
    | nil => a :: nil
    | a' :: l' => if comp a a' then a :: a' :: l'
                  else a' :: insert a l'

Lemma l1 : forall a1 a2 l, insert a1 (insert a2 l) = insert a2 (insert a1 l).
  intros a1 a2 l.
  induction l as [|a l IH]; simpl.
  - destruct (comp a1 a2) eqn:E1.
    + destruct (comp a2 a1) eqn:E2; trivial.
      rewrite (comp_antisym _ _ E1 E2). trivial.
    + destruct (comp a2 a1) eqn:E2; trivial.
      destruct (comp_total a1 a2); congruence.
  - destruct (comp a2 a) eqn:E1; simpl;
    destruct (comp a1 a) eqn:E2; simpl;
    destruct (comp a1 a2) eqn:E3; simpl;
    destruct (comp a2 a1) eqn:E4; simpl;
    try rewrite E1; trivial;
    try solve [rewrite (comp_antisym _ _ E3 E4) in *; congruence];
    try solve [destruct (comp_total a1 a2); congruence].
    + assert (H := comp_trans _ _ _ E3 E1). congruence.
    + assert (H := comp_trans _ _ _ E4 E2). congruence.

Section sort.
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