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I have dynamically created span elements that listen to an onkeyup action.

For example: When a user types into a textbox, it should replace the text inside the <span> too.

lets say I create N elements of span.

N-1 of then works perfectly, but the last one does not.

When I use Inspect Element (Chrome browser) and make the call


I see the new text, but on screen I still see the old one.

My code: 1. This is the part when i dynamically create the text inputs

titleInput.onkeyup = (function () 
  var inputObject = titleInput; 
  var chartIndex = numberOfTds; return function () {          
  UpdateTitleInMagnifiedView(inputObject, chartIndex); 
} })();
  1. UpdateTitleInMagnifiedView - function that updates the span elemnts document.getElementById("title_magnified_" + chartIndex).innerHTML = inputObject.value;
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post your code,... javascript and HTML here... lets see... –  Veer Shrivastav May 18 '13 at 19:23
edit it in the question area –  user1585457 May 18 '13 at 19:33

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