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Im a django beginner and am using it on a windows machine. Now when i run 'python runserver', im getting the following message : "Error: No module named django_extensions" Any way to fix this ?

Thank You

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Look inside your file under the INSTALLED_APPS setting and delete "django_extensions". Or you can install django_extensions in this environment.

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Thanks, this was my problem. I now only add django_extensions in dev mode: INSTALLED_APPS = INSTALLED_APPS + ('django_extensions',). – metakermit Feb 6 '14 at 13:05

You're testing a Django application right ? (one you didn't write). It seems you miss some dependencies (at least this one).

You might be able to install it throw easy_install or by executing the of the following package (django-extension).

You also have to check if you have django_extension in your INSTALLED_APPS settings variable, but I'm not quite sure it is needed for django-extension..

Anyway, you might want to install this package : django-extension

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