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I know what cross validation and what grid.py is does.

I know that parameter g and g are supposed to be used while training but I have no idea what is this third parameter rate?

I get cross-validation rate as 95.32 % . What does this signify ?? Is it good or bad ??

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That cross-validation rate is the percentage of samples that has been correctly classified during the cross-validation step (with the best c and g parameters found), so having a 95% success is a great result. Parameters of grid.py are the following:

  • -log2c: c regularization parameter
  • -log2g: set gamma in kernel function exp(-gamma*|u-v|^2)
  • -v n: n-fold cross validation
  • -svmtrain pathname: set svm executable path and name
  • -gnuplot pathname: set gnuplot executable path and name
  • -out pathname: set output file path and name
  • -png pathname: set graphic output file path and name (default dataset.png)
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