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I have a Play project that is intended to be a library that I would like to publish locally during development phase.

I can achieve this by running publish-local

My question is how to add dependency in the main project so that in the main project we could access the utilities defined in the local library?

It seems I need to add the dependency in Build.scala. Here's what I would do for external libray: "com.google.inject" % "guice" % "3.0"

What would I do in this case?

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You must add a Resolver precising your local ivy repository:

resolvers += Resolver.file("Local repo", file("/home/USER/.ivy2/local"))(Resolver.ivyStylePatterns)

You may want to manage resolvers ordering/priorities (meaning, start searching from local repo, then if not found, try external repositories). In this case, you must deal with Proxy Repositories.

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