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I have a public/private key pair set up so I can ssh to a remote server without having to log in. I'm trying to write a shell script that will list all the folders in a particular directory on the remote server. My question is: how do I specify the remote location? Here's what I've got:


for file in myname@example.com:dir/*
if [ -d "$file" ]
echo $file;
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Try this:

for file in `ssh myname@example.com 'ls -d dir/*/'`
    echo $file;

Or simply:

ssh myname@example.com 'ls -d dir/*/'


  • The ssh command accepts an optional command after the hostname and, if a command is provided, it executes that command on login instead of the login shell; ssh then simply passes on the stdout from the command as its own stdout. Here we are simply passing the ls command.
  • ls -d dir/*/ is a trick to make ls skip regular files and list out only the directories.
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awesome, thank you. –  Vlad the Impala Nov 2 '09 at 19:22

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