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I'm looking for an option or a way to bind an event, which invokes a method from an Entry-Widget.

Like the command option for button-widgets: command { method } or

like binding an event for combobox-widgets: $combobox.bind("<ComboboxSelected>") { method }

Now I'm looking for something similar for Entry-Widgets. I want to invoke a method every time an entry (value) has been edited. That's my initial situation:

$foo = TkVariable.new
$entry = Tk::Tile::Entry.new(parent) {
  validate 'key'; validatecommand method; textvariable $foo

validatecommand works only at the first time.

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If you change the content of the widget during the validation callback and still want to have a validation callback applied in the future, you must re-apply the validation callback. This is documented (for the core Tk version of this, see the end of the validation section of the entry docs) but pretty obscure, to be fair.

Use Tk::after.idle to schedule some code to reapply the validation callback inside the validation callback.

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