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I am transferring an image from a python backend to a c++ backend. I chose Google protobuf, with the following simple structure:

message data {
  optional string image = 1;

I then use Python to read the image and put it into the image field:

data = server_pb2.data()
data.image = (open(image_fn).read())

But protobuf complains with the following message:

Value Error: [hex data] has type str, but isn't in 7-bit ASCII encoding. Non-ASCII strings must be converted to unicode objects before being added.

I have tried several ways to make the data unicode but without success.

Maybe somebody has encountered this problem before? Or is there a better way to transfer image data?


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You don't "encode" binary into Unicode - that is using the encoder backwards and the result is not defined. She tiny.cc/io - you should (as over the answer here) just store the binary directly – Marc Gravell May 19 '13 at 6:54
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You should be using bytes as the type in the .proto file rather than string.

bytes is used for an arbitrary sequence of bytes (eg an image). string is used for a sequence of UTF-8 or ASCII characters (eg text).

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thanks, it has worked! – chaiy May 19 '13 at 0:15

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