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I have written a for loop code and I want to write in more succinct way without using a for loop, but instead use matrix conditional. I am teaching myself matlab and I would appreciate any feedback.

I want to create a new matrix, the first column is y, and the second column is filled with zero except for the y's whose indices are contained in the indices matrix. And in the latter case, add 1 instead of 0.




for i=1:r
  data(a,2 )=1;

data =

 1     1
 2     0
 3     1
 4     0
 5     1
 6     0
 7     0
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A shorter alternative:

data = [y(:), full(sparse(indices, 1, 1, numel(y), 1))];

The resulting matrix data is composed of two column vectors: y(:) and a sparse array, with "1"s at the positions corresponding to indices.

Using proper initialization and sparse matrices can be really useful in MATLAB.

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How about

data = zeros( m, 2 );
data(:,1) = y;
data( indices, 2 ) = 1;
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