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Iam using mvc4 .I have a model .In that model i created a field called "AllFuels" of data type Float. But when the table automatically created in the database the data type of the field "AllFuels" is real.Iam using model first method .Can anyone know the reason why this is happening?

public float AllFuels { get; set; }

But this field in the table created as real datatype.

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... why this is happening?

Well, that's easy - because this is the mapping that is programmed into EF.

Does it matter?

Look at the following:

So the "approximate range" is the same for both, as is the storage amount: they are both 32-bit floating binary point types. The annoying thing is that .NET float is not specifically mentioned in the BOL reference for data type conversion, which makes it hard to quickly look this up .

In addition, Edm.Float is listed in the Edm data types (MSDN: Conceptual Model Types (CSDL)) as a floating point with 7-digit precision, so that matches up with float in .NET and real in SQL server (CSDL is the XML language that describes entites, relationships etc. and is used by EF).

So what should I do?

What do Microsoft say about floating point in ADO.NET? If you read: MSDN - Data Type Mappings in ADO.NET (Floating-Point Numbers) they say "test". So do that, and if this precision is not enough for you, then your .NET type needs to be a double instead, which should become a higher precision type in SQL Server (it would translate to float(53), I believe)

I couldn't quickly find the IEEE reference, so I will point you at wikipedia for the definition of "approximate range".

Edit Guru Lasse V. Karlsen is totally right to ask me to qualify this statement: Single is equivalent to float, my badly expressed point was that you have to know to look for Single rather than float to be able to find the information in the reference.

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What do you mean by "Not explicitly mentioned"? Real maps to Single (keyword float in C#) according to that table. –  Lasse V. Karlsen May 19 '13 at 10:36
@LasseV.Karlsen. You are right, it does mention it, it just doesn't make it easy for people who don't instictively know that Single is float (I'm not sure if it should have to, fwiw). My comment about "specifically mentioned" was that you have to do more than Ctrl+F5 for "float" on that page. –  Andy Brown May 19 '13 at 10:40

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