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In JS file $scope.button = id ? "Edit" : "Add"; is working fine. I want to use it in View like

    <button name="saveBtn" class="btn btn-primary" 
tabindex="10">{{ ? 'Edit' : 'Add'}}</button>

1 - Above code is not working. Tried different combinations.

2 - Should I use View or Js file to keep this code?

3 - Applying code from here

Question is : I have initialized init() function like below. Is it correct approach or you have anything better to share?

app.controller('PersonCtrl', function ($scope, $routeParams, personService) {

    function list() {
        var id = ($ ? parseInt($ : 0;
        if (id > 0) {
            $scope.person = {};
            $scope.person = personService.getPersonById(id);
        } else
        //$scope.people = [];
        $scope.people = personService.getPeople();

    $scope.edit = function () {


    $scope.delete = function (id) {


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The syntax used inside the handlebars {{}} is not full JavaScript, but Angular expression language. The ternary operator is currently not available in this expression language (but it is coming soon). For now you can use this syntax instead:

{{ && 'Edit' || 'Add' }}
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My 3rd question please – Pirzada May 19 '13 at 9:17
Are you just trying to assign the value and function of your button based on something in the scope? Why not set a scope.action to Edit or Add and check for it? – Jason May 19 '13 at 12:43

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