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I am using the PHP framework Lithium (aka li3). I want to be able to open just a view (ie without a layout) in a jquery dialog box. Ideally, I would like this to be done with a small modification to the URL, for example:

Normal path to action: http://localhost/controller/action/ 

View only path to action: http://localhost/controller/action/view_only/

This obviously still has to work with normal URL parameters and GET requests. Additionally, I would love not to have to change any existing controllers.

Does anybody know how I could achieve this?

Thanks, Max.

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// In the controller:

if ($someCondition) {
    $this->_render['layout'] = false;
// ...where $someCondition is based on whatever URL modification you do
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Thanks, I ended up using the args parameter and setting up new routes to make that compatible with passing in an ID too. –  Max Mumford May 19 '13 at 19:31

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