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i'm developing a web application using spring 3. i'm using tomcat 6 as the web container.

in my web.xml file i bound the file named applicationContext.xml as the spring definition file.


from inside the applicationContext.xml file i'm trying to initialize a array list variable using the spring bean definition. i'm following the below configurations.. (im using jidea)

<bean id="registationController" class="com.test.RegistrationController">
    <property name="registrationService" ref="registrationService"/>
    <property name="validUrlsList" ref="myList"/>

<util:list id="myList" value-type="java.lang.String">

i have loaded the


namespace, and in RegistrationController.java class i have generated the getter and setter for the validUrlsList variable, jidea shows that my definitions are correct and i have properyly bound my vaiable to the bean definition. but when i try out the code it doesn't initialize the validUrlList variable? it's giving a null value? any thing i'm doing wrong here? any suggestions to sort this out?

java code is as follows.,,

private ArrayList validUrlsList;    
public void setValidUrlsList(ArrayList validUrlsList) {
    this.validUrlsList = validUrlsList;

public ArrayList getValidUrlsList() {
    return validUrlsList;

then i call the method getRemoteIp by just passing the variable as follows.

if (getRemoteIP(req, validUrlsList)) {

-- Regards,Rangana

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Show us how you're trying out the code. And show us the code of RegistrationController. Oh, and the name of your IDE is IntelliJ IDEA. Not jidea. –  JB Nizet May 19 '13 at 9:53
modified the question to add the java code? i haven't used XmlBeanFactory, thought it will be initialized as it loads? –  ranganaMIT May 19 '13 at 10:08
How do you know that the list Spring constructs is an ArrayList? How could it call your setter if the list it constructs from your XML is a LinkedList, or an unmodifiable list? Code against interfaces. Use List<String> and not ArrayList<String>. –  JB Nizet May 19 '13 at 10:12

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util:list is creating java.util.List instance, it is not said to create java.util.ArrayList.

You should change your declaration from

private ArrayList validUrlsList;   


private List validUrlsList;   

(and setter and getter as well).

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by changing to java.util.List worked, but i had to make the variable static... private static List validUrlsList; only then i was able to get the list properly. Thanks for the great support. :) –  ranganaMIT May 19 '13 at 12:13

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