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Good morning to all. I am trying to develop an Android app that can use native camera, through OpenCV, to record a video in order to capture frames to process them with image processing techniques. I have found this guide, and I have followed it so creating a project in Eclipse Juno, using openCV libraries 2.4.5. But when i try to run this project on my phone, a samsung galaxy s4, the app is unable to open camera, and crashes immediately. This is what I see in logcat:

05-19 11:57:23.382: D/OpenCV_NativeCamera(27225): initCameraConnect: autofocus is set to mode "continuous-video"
05-19 11:57:23.452: D/OpenCV_NativeCamera(27225): initCameraConnect: preview format is set to yuv420sp
05-19 11:57:23.502: D/OpenCV_NativeCamera(27225): Starting preview
05-19 11:57:24.233: E/OpenCV_NativeCamera(27225): CameraHandler::Notify: msgType=1 ext1=200 ext2=0
05-19 11:57:24.583: D/OpenCV_NativeCamera(27225): Preview started successfully
05-19 11:57:24.583: E/OpenCV::camera(27225): calling (*pGetPropertyC)(0x6d0f0390, 2)
05-19 11:57:24.583: D/OpenCV_NativeCamera(27225): CameraHandler::getProperty(2)
05-19 11:57:24.603: D/dalvikvm(27225): GC_FOR_ALLOC freed 120K, 10% free 16985K/18680K, paused 17ms, total 18ms
05-19 11:57:24.603: I/dalvikvm-heap(27225): Grow heap (frag case) to 20.757MB for 2764816-byte allocation
05-19 11:57:24.623: D/dalvikvm(27225): GC_FOR_ALLOC freed 2K, 8% free 19683K/21384K, paused 19ms, total 19ms
05-19 11:57:24.623: D/OpenCV_NativeCamera(27225): CameraHandler::setProperty(0, 960.000000)
05-19 11:57:24.623: D/OpenCV_NativeCamera(27225): CameraHandler::setProperty(1, 720.000000)
05-19 11:57:24.623: I/NativeCameraView(27225): Selected camera frame size = (960, 720)
05-19 11:57:24.623: D/OpenCV_NativeCamera(27225): CameraHandler::applyProperties()
05-19 11:57:24.623: D/OpenCV_NativeCamera(27225): CameraHandler::applyProperties()
05-19 11:57:24.623: D/OpenCV_NativeCamera(27225): CameraHandler::applyProperties(): before previousCameraHandler->closeCameraConnect
05-19 11:57:24.643: D/dalvikvm(27225): GC_CONCURRENT freed 1K, 8% free 19684K/21384K, paused 2ms+2ms, total 15ms
05-19 11:57:24.673: E/BufferQueue(27225): [unnamed-27225-0] dequeueBuffer: min undequeued buffer count (2) exceeded (dequeued=11 undequeudCount=0)
05-19 11:57:24.713: I/Choreographer(27225): Skipped 100 frames!  The application may be doing too much work on its main thread.
05-19 11:57:24.733: A/libc(27225): @@@ ABORTING: LIBC: HEAP MEMORY CORRUPTION IN tmalloc_small
05-19 11:57:24.733: A/libc(27225): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0xdeadbaad (code=1), thread 27225 (.videocamopencv)

This error is solved if I use, in activity_main.xml, org.opencv.JavaCameraView, instead of org.opencv.NativeCameraView. But I prefer to use the second, because it uses VideoCapture class to access the camera, instead of the stardard Android Camera API, as the first does.

Someone could help me? How can I fix this problem?

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