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I have a Web Service, Now I want to implement security model for that, Can you suggest me some tutorials which talks about implementing security on service and also on client. i tried OAUTH but there is not much implementation details about Service, tough Client implementation details are present in few blogs. Please Point me to some relative stuff where i can learn about security implementation. I am using WebHttpBinding in my WCF Service and its written in C#.

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There aren't enough implementation details for OAuth?? I wrote a library from scratch in about 2 days directly from the spec, which interoperates fine with all providers and clients I've tried. OK, some parts are a little fuzzy and leave things open to interpretation, but its certainly well specified enough to implement. –  Greg Beech Nov 2 '09 at 20:10

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MSDN has an entire section devoted to Security for WCF.

Most of the details are in their Securing Services and Clients section of documentation. This discusses the details of the entire security model when using WCF, both on the server and the client.

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