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I have 3 databases, details as follows.

I wish to print all columns in the books_db database plus each book's genre at the same time.

A book can fall into multiple genres, so I gave a unique ID to each genre.
Genre_ID 1 - Thriller , Genre_ID 2 - Adventure etc.

--- books_db -----------
    ID          (int AI)
    Book_title  (varchar)
    Author      (varchar)

--- genre_link_db ------
    ID_Books    (int)
    Genre_ID    (int)

--- genre_db -----------
    Genre_ID    (int)
    Genre       (varchar)   

So far, I've managed to code this SQL statement. It works, but it only works for the 1st search result as the group concat() will concatenate all genres together and not print a new line for the next search result.

For example below, if I try like '%' , which is supposed to show all results, it only shows 1 result with its genres correctly printed.

SELECT *, group_concat(T2.Genre separator ', ') AS GENRE_RESULT 
FROM (SELECT * FROM books_db WHERE Book_title like '%') AS T1 
JOIN (SELECT ID_Books, Genre from genre_link_db INNER JOIN genre_db ON genre_link_db.Genre_ID = genre_db.Genre_ID ) AS T2   
ON T1.ID = T2.ID_Books;
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I believe what you are missing is a GROUP BY-statement.

I would also rewrite the joining-part of your query. I don't think subselects is necessary here.

Something like this is what I would have done:

SELECT *, group_concat(T2.Genre separator ', ') AS GENRE_RESULT 
FROM books_db AS T1 
JOIN genre_link_db ON genre_link_db.ID_books = T1.ID
JOIN genre_db AS T2 ON genre_link_db.Genre_ID = T2.Genre_ID
WHERE books_db.Book_title like '%'
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Thanks alot. I guess I overthought the subselects :P . – iridescent May 19 '13 at 12:48

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