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I have the following JSON string:


And the corresponding invocation in my js file:

$.getJSON("Foo.svc/GetSomeFoo", function (response) {

Just trying to write out the values, but can't seem to get it out. It is probably very simple, but I am not finding anything helpful while googling it.

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Your JSON has embedded JSON. You need to do:

var d = JSON.parse(response.d);
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Since you have an object named d as the outer object, you will need to get your data via it.

For ex: response.d["Foo"]

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Try this:


response gives you this: {"d":"{\"Foo\":7,\"Bar\":5,\"Foobar\":3}"}
response.d will give you: {\"Foo\":7,\"Bar\":5,\"Foobar\":3}
and finally response.d["Foo"] or response.d.Foo will give you: 7

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Ahhh so simple it was. the 'd' is something new since last I messed with json a couple of years ago. Thanks. –  codingjoe May 19 '13 at 12:57

You can do this -

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