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The final goal is to let users be able to upload / download files through the soundcloud API.

I have registered my app, but now I have got problems with the authentication. In the app registration i must define a redirect URI for authentication, their default is callback.html. What to put there myself?

I dont know what to put there, in redirect uri of the app or in the code (assuming it must be the same) I've tried making a callback.html myself, but it doesnt work. I'm starting to think it must be an online link. But i'm only working on localhost..

I've found a very similar question here: redirect_uri and how to host callback.html on SoundCloud?

but it doesnt solve my problem.

I realize this is very basic stuff, but i hope i can get some clear help. thank you very much

EDIT : for testing, i've put http://www.samplewars.com/ in the app registration redirect_uri and in the redirect_uri in my code, and now i get the pop-up asking for acces to the soundcloud account, after clicking connect it goes to samplewars.com. How do i make it go to the same page, (localhost url). Is actually possible to put an offline link there, as i'm only working on localhost? i dont have anything online.

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2 Answers

in your windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts file

add line127.0.0.1 localhost.samplewars.com and you can use that domain for testing purposes.

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The callback file is used to send the authentication token back to your application. In your case it should be something like http://www.samplewars.com/soundcloud-callback.html. For development, you could register a different application which points to your local setup (eg http://localhost/soundcloud-callback.html or whatever).

If you use the SoundCloud Javascript API, this is fairly simple. There's an example page in the documentation.

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