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Its a Windows Form Application. Database is MS Access. Using Typed DataSet. I am having a datagridview, which i only use to insert data into database. I want to clear all the rows added as soon as I click on Reset Button on my form. The datagridview is using bindingSource. The Binding Source is using a Typed DataTable from the Typed DataSet

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Are you looking for DataTable.RejectChanges? –  oleksii May 19 '13 at 12:38
You probably want the code in your question. Or is that the answer? –  oleksii May 19 '13 at 12:42

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For the following scenario

this.dataGridViewPurDetails.DataSource = this.purchaseDetailBindingSource; 
// purchaseDetailBindingSource 
// this.purchaseDetailBindingSource.DataMember = "PurchaseDetail";
this.purchaseDetailBindingSource.DataSource = this.tVDataSet;

This Solution Worked
//Clear All the rows from the datagridview

BindingSource DT = (BindingSource)dataGridViewPurDetails.DataSource; 
if (DT != null) 
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