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How can I determine whether an object is local or remote (using C# remoting)? Both checking in local code if the object is remote or in the object if the code is executed from remote would be okay.

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      Console.WriteLine("Yay - my object is a remoted object.");
      Console.WriteLine("Boo - my object is not a remoted object.");

MSDN Docs on IsTransparentProxy

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I voted for this answer because it provides the MSDN documentation link about a specific FCL method, and I like to see the thoughts of the framework creators referenced. Other options might exist but Microsoft explicitly accommodated this method. –  John K Nov 2 '09 at 21:01

I suppose you could look at the proxy and see if it derived from TransparentProxy

var myObj = ....;
if(myObj is TransparentProxy) 
  Console.WriteLine("I have a remote object");
  Console.WriteLine("I don't think I have a remote object");
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Could you tell me some more details on how to do that? TransparentProxy seems to be an internal class and, well, very transparent. –  eWolf Nov 2 '09 at 20:41

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