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Need to send a complex object having nested IList from Iphone in JSON format to WCF REST service. The Complex Object is defined as following:

public class BatchData
   long BatchID;
   List<Account> Accounts;
   List<Contacts> Contacts;

Please let me know the Client side (IPhone) syntax to create the required JSON request and also the server side POST method implementation to handle such scenario ?

Thanks in advance.

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For the server side: define an operation contract which takes an array of that type. Search for examples on WCF Rest services (you'll need to use the [WebInvoke] attribute to define your operation) and you'll find how to do it.

For the client side: you can send the request using the NSURLRequest class. And to create the appropriate JSON, you can look at the NSJSONSerialization class, which will help you to convert between arrays (NSArray) and dictionaries (NSDictionary) and the JSON you need to send to the service.

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Thanks a lot Carlos. :) –  Vikram Singh Jun 10 '13 at 11:48

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