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i have double[,] Array;. Is it possible to get something like double[] ColumnArray0 = Array[0,].toArray() and double[] RowArray1 = Array[,1].toArray() without making a copy of every elemet(using for)?


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I don't get your question, but why would you need to do that anyway? – Mokhtar Ashour May 19 '13 at 15:35
Im trying to implement FFT on image (2D array) and its implemented by 1D FFT calling on rows and then on colums. It would be nice not to make any unnecessary arrays or cycles.(FFT is time and memory consuming) – Jose Kiwi May 19 '13 at 16:02
I guess you shouldn't implement image processing algorithms yourself, look for FFT for images in C# and you may find people already made it. it might be implemented for OpenCV for C# or if it's not for a production purpose, just stick with matlab or something like that – Mokhtar Ashour May 19 '13 at 21:15

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Arrays are a memory area where all entries are stored in a consecutive way. Depending on the data layout in memory this is only possible for either rows or columns.

Instead of the 2d array double[,] type it is in your case better to use an array of arrays double[][]

double[][] Array2d = new double[10][];
Array2d[0] = new double[10];
Array2d[1] = new double[10];

and then:
double[] RowArray0 = Array2d[0];

Depending on how you put the data in your array, you can also treat the Array2d as a column array. But to have both at the same time is not possible.

Also have a look here: multidimensional array [][] vs [,]

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So, is there no way to do this if the array is defined using [,]? – McAdam331 May 18 at 17:16

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