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Hi I want to achieve to download a file in a separate thread and store that file, but I was not able to find an appropriate way to achieve this without evil delay (quite frequent download of small files, so signal+slots are too slow). What I want to achieve: (Pseudo Code)

request file;
wait for download finishing, timeout or error;
save downloaded file;

I'd prefer an example with QNetworkAccessManager if possible. Thanks for any tipp.

Edit: Just to be clear, I want signal and slots not because of design aswell as the lack of speed.

Edit2: This download is only about the download file in sync part, threading is no problem. The problem is that QT does not provide an api for doing that and I am not keen on hotspinning wait.

Edit3: Example code like it should work, but does not:

QNetworkAccessManager net;
QNetworkReply *re (net.get( QNetworkRequest( QUrl( Qstring("") ) ) ));
if (re->waitForReadyRead(-1)) //! @bug this does not work as supposed, waitForRead returns false and returns INSTANTLY!!
    qDebug() << "ReadyRead yeha!!!";
if (re->error()) {
    qDebug() << "Can't download" << re->url().toString()
            << ":" << re->errorString();
} else {
    qDebug() << "Savin IMG";
delete re;
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Seems that without local event loop your "re" doesn't even know that it is finished. I've met similar problem. P.S. Do not delete QNetworkReply directly, use "deleteLater". – QtRoS Feb 17 at 21:42

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I needed something similar but for different reasons. Since QHttp and QNetworkAccessManager are both async what you could do is use a separate event loop, a full example based on QHttp can be found here. It shouldn't be too difficult to modify it for QNetworkAccessManager.

It's worth mentioning that your impression that signals/slots are "slow" is probably wrong. Have you actually profiled your code to determine this?

Whatever penalty you might be paying for signals/slots it's probably negligible when looking at the amount of time a single file download takes. More so, it's very "non Qt" to do things this way. These classes were designed like this for a reason.

At the end of the day if you are indeed suffering from signals/slots (which is again, doubtful), I would recommend not to use Qt for this particular task, maybe plain old C sockets are a better idea (or a thin wrapper around them to save the error handling which might require some extra work).

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Well I hoped not having to use exec() in the parallel thread. You got me an idea :-D thank you – drahnr Nov 3 '09 at 14:44
ok after 3hours of searching I stumbbled accross this: and it suggests the same way you suggested me, and I did it that way and it works. Thank you. You solved it :-) – drahnr Nov 3 '09 at 23:44

Sync Network access is a bad idea because it makes bad UI experience. Besides what you think is a bug is not a bug. It is just wrongly documented.

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Syncing these is perfectly fine for testing tools, Unit tests and even server logic / something that just don't neet to respond in real time. – Петър Петров Jun 26 at 20:38

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