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I am writing some software that plots out fractals, and lets the user explore them interactively. I currently have my code in a windowed wpf app. I would like get into a browser hosted wpf app, so that I could display them on my website. The problem is that the code utilizes some "unsafe" code to do the rendering. I am using BitmapData to access the image memory directly instead of using the GDI+ stuff, because it seems to be quite a bit faster. Is there anyway to run unsafe code in a wpf browser app?

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Yes, it is possible, provided you setup the XBAP as a Full Trust Application.

For details on the process, see How to run WPF -XBAP as Full Trust Application.

That being said, it's problematic. You'll need to jump through a lot of hoops, so it will not necessarily work the way an XBAP normally works.

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Short answer: no. Check out this section of the SDK for more details on XBAP security. XBAPs run in a sandbox which only enable access to a subset of the WPF API and BCL. Best you can do is make a ClickOnce app, but you would need to sign that with a certificate that people will trust.

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