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I created a camera Activity, which provides a burst" mode. This means, the activity takes a new picture as soon as the last one has been taken. The activity is based on the code example provided here: . I measure the duration between the two methods camera.takePicture and pictureCallback.onPictureTaken. The app uses the rear camera, does discard the picture data and not save it, thus I measure the camera performance.

On the Samsung Galaxy S3 the rear camera is able to take about 4 pictures per second. The new Samsung Galaxy S4 only takes 1 (one!) picture about every 800[ms] to 1200[ms]. The performance does not change when I set even the smallest picture size. This slow performance is strange, since the built in camera app is able to take a bunch of pictures within a second even using the highest resolution.

  • Does anyone have experience with the Galaxy S4 rear camera and know about this performance drop?
  • Are there any undocumented camera properties specific to the Galaxy S4?
  • Can anyone give hints to get a higher burst-rate on the Galaxy S4?
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Is your app saving the photos? That could take time. Remove that code for now and optimize it later. – mike jones May 19 '13 at 16:53
No, as mentioned in the question, it does discard the data and not save it. I realy do measure the time the camera uses from camera.takePicture to pictureCallback.OnPictureTaken. So even the camera- and preview-startup time gets not measured. I suspect there might be some Samsung Galaxy S4 camera specific properties, that must be set in order to get the camera in burst mode, since the last year Galaxy S3 reaches better performance when running the exact same application. – Megan Scott May 19 '13 at 17:20
Have you figured out what the issue is? I'm getting complaints from S4 users about the camera being slow. – kaciula Aug 29 '13 at 12:29

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