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I have created a web service in .asmx in my visual studio web application project. Then I move the project to inetpub folder so that I can host it using my local iis. When I tried to access using my browser (localhost:portnumber/Test.asmx/HelloWorld), it able to return the xml.

After that I tried to access the web service from my another device (in the same network), via ipaddress:portnumber/Test.asmx/HelloWorld

But it kept on looping, and unable to find it.

P/S: I have tried to host a simple website using local iis, i able to access using other devices in the same network.

Not sure what when wrong, any idea?

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You must allow port number in local firewall.

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Thanks alot ..~ it works.. –  user970307 May 20 '13 at 15:14

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