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Is there a trick to getting facebook to pull your open graph information when someone likes me on my site?

I have specified this on the page:

 <link rel="canonical" href="my site name"/>
 <meta property='og:locale' content='en_US'/>
 <meta property='og:type' content='article'/>
 <meta property='og:title' content='My custom title'/>
 <meta property='og:description' content='my customer description'/>
 <meta property='og:url' content='my url'/>
 <meta property='og:site_name' content='my site name'/>
 <meta property='og:image' content='my custom image'/>

However, when I like the page, it post the web pages actual title and an image that appears on the webpage, instead of the custom page title that I have in my og:title and my custom image I have in my og:image. Any help you can provide is much appreciated.

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what does Facebook's Debug Tool say? –  Igy May 19 '13 at 20:39

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Facebook caches data for the page for about 12-24 hours. It can be updated by using Facebook's Debug Tool (as Igy points). Could it be the case? Did you try Tool after changing your og data?

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