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Does rikulo stream v 0.7.2 support web sockets with different channels? I have seen so far only examples with static resource files.

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To handle Web Socket, you can use WebSocketTransformer to upgrade HTTP connection to WebSocket connection:

new StreamServer(uriMapping: {
  "/cmd", (HttpConnect connect) =>
      .then((websocket) {
        websocket.listen((evt) {
          websocket.add("Server received: $evt");
        return socket.done;

Note: Web Socket is supported directly since Rikulo Stream 0.8.0. Please refer to the WebSocket Handling section.

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big thx for the answer and the links. At first glance it does not look trivial :/. I guess that I will have to read the whole documentation? –  Gero May 20 '13 at 10:42

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