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I'm using OpenCV to get some video frames. This is how the camera capture is initialised:

VideoCapture capture;;  //Read from camera #0

If I wanted to switch to different camera, I'd do this:

capture.release();  //Release the stream;    //Open different stream

Imagine you had a few cameras connected to your computer and you wanted to loop through them using two buttons Previous camera and Next camera. Without saving the current camera ID to a variable, I need to get the actual value from the VideoCapture object.
So is there a way how to find out the id of currently used device?


int current = capture.deviceId;
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Seems like that's impossible. Can you just keep index of current camera in static variable? – Nikolay Viskov May 19 '13 at 21:33
If there will be no other way, I will surely use the global variable - And I actually did so, as a temporary solution. But I see no point in storing the same information in two places, so I'm trying to extract it from VideoCapture instance. – Tomáš Zato May 19 '13 at 21:49
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So is there a way how to find out the id of currently used device?

There's no way to do this because class VideoCapture doesn't contain such variable or method. It actually contains protected pointer to CvCapture (take a look at highgui.h) so you could try to play with it but you don't have access to this field.

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