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I'm trying to port pydoctor to twisted.web.template and have hit a pretty basic problem: pydoctor uses epydoc to render docstrings into HTML but I can't see a way to include this HTML in the generated page without escaping. What can I do?

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There is, somewhat intentionally, no way to insert HTML into the page without parsing; twisted.web.template is a bit more of a stickler about producing correct output than nevow was.

There are a couple of ways around this.

  1. Ultimately, your HTML is going to some kind of output stream. You could simply insert a renderer that returns a pair of Deferred objects, and does a .write to the underlying stream after the first one fires but before the second. Kind of gross, but it effectively expresses your intent :).
  2. You can simply re-parse the output of epydoc into HTML using XMLString or similar, so that twisted.web.template can write it out correctly. This will "waste" a little bit of CPU, but in my opinion it will be worth it for (A) the stress-test it will give t.w.t and (B) the guarantee - presuming that t.w.t is correct - that it will give you that you're emitting valid HTML.

As I was writing this answer, however, I realized that point 2 isn't generally possible with arbitrary HTML with the current public API of twisted.web.template. Ideally, you could use html5lib to parse this stuff, and then just dump the parsed input into your document tree.

If you don't mind mucking around with private API, you could probably hook up html5lib's SAX support to the internal SAX parser that we use to load templates.

Of course, the real solution is to fix the ticket you already filed, so you don't have to use private API outside of Twisted itself...

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Thanks for confirming my suspicions that there is no facility for doing this today. I'll give option 2 a go initially. –  mwhudson May 22 '13 at 2:34

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