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Is it possible to have multiple pager elements for a slideshow using the cycle plugin for jQuery? For example, in this project, I need to have a pager above and below the slideshow. The code below works fine, but when I try to "clone" the nav (prev, next, and pager) using jQuery's clone() function, the pager will not work (although both sets of prev and next links work).

var $pager = $('<span class="pager"></span>').prependTo(""),
	$prev = $('<a href="" class="p">Previous</a>').prependTo(""),
	$next = $('<a href="" class="n">Next</a>').prependTo("");
$prev.add($next).wrapAll('<span class="nav"></span>');

	prev:		$prev,
	next:		$next,
	pager:		$pager

The code above is a stripped down version, to keep the post short and to the point! :)

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Mike Alsup put out a new version (2.73) to support multiple pagers for a slideshow. In my example however, it would not work properly, possibly because the prev/next/pager items were being appended to the markup and stored/referenced as JS variables. Once I changed the code to reference prev/next/pager class names (shown below), instead of the JS variables, it worked!

	prev:		"a.p",
	next:		"a.n",
	pager:		"span.pager"
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