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The NDB docs mention auto-batching several times but there isn't a section that describes exactly when and how it works. I'd like to know if auto-batching is dependant on NDB's default enabled caching.

I wrote an app long before Py27 and NDB were available. It has custom caching already incorporated which uses memcache and cross-request instance caching. I plan to migrate to NDB to take advantage of the cleaner async capabilities but disable all the NDB internal caching. I'd like to know if I optimize my app for auto-batching will it still work? Or since I'm disabling all the caching is that going to interfere with the batching mechanism?


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Don't worry about disabling internal caching, auto-batching will work independently.

Be sure to use an annotation as @ndb.toplevel. When running async operations, you want to make sure they are run before the main thread finalizes, and an @ndb.toplevel annotation will take care of that.

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