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I am trying to make a select2 box appear in its focused state on page load. I have tried the following:


Only the first line seems to have any effect, and it does focus the select2 field, however it requires an additional keypress to display the search field, and to allow typing in search string.

Therefore, if you load the page and start typing: "Search", the "S" will open the search box and then the remainder of the keys will be entered into it, so you'll be searching "earch"

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According to the select2 documentation on github:


Should be all you need.

Found under the Programmatic Access section: documentation.

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Champion. Thanks for your help this works perfectly. –  user984976 May 20 '13 at 1:07
$('#id').select2('open'); will set focus and open the select2 ready for search. $('#id').select2('focus'); will set the focus on select2 but not select2 will be not opened for search. –  Adrian P. Mar 19 at 16:12

This works in release 3.4.2. Not sure when it was implemented exactly.

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Select2 creates its own input, so try something like this:

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I tried the other 2 answers but didn't have much luck, maybe because I populate the control via json and in the beginning it's just a hidden input so the programmatic open method didn't have any effect.

However, the following did it just fine for me:


If for some reason you don't have the same id come up in your setup then look for the control having the select2-focusser class attached to it.

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We had a textfield as select2 and used the following snippet to activate and focus the cursor in the text input. All the other options didn't work for us, as they were only opening the select2 options, but didn't produce the expected behavior.


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