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I want to read the binary data stored in the ChannelBuffer object contained in an HttpResponse. I have tried with the below code to read and save from the ChannelBuffer, but it is not working. What is the correct way of reading the binary data stored in the channel buffer?

ChannelBuffer chanBuff = response.getContent();
FileOutputStream outputStream = new FileOutputStream(outputFileName);       

The above code throws an exception from chanBuff.array() (UnsupportedOperationException). Not sure what is the correct way of copying byte array from ChannelBuffer.

The purpose of storing this content (e.g. media) is to save and transcode it. However I am consistently getting the saved file size as zero.

I also intend to copy the processed data back into the HTTP Response via ChannelBuffer. For writing back into HTTP Message, I have the below code. This code sometimes throws ArrayOutOfBoundException. What is the correct approach here?

ChannelBuffer dynamicBuffer = dynamicBuffer();

ChannelBufferOutputStream buffOutStream = new ChannelBufferOutputStream(dynamicBuffer);

byte[] byteBuf = new byte[4096];
int bytesRead = -1;
int offSet = 0;

while ((bytesRead = != -1) {
    buffOutStream.write(byteBuf, offSet, bytesRead);
    offSet += bytesRead;

response.setHeader("Content-Type", contType);
response.setHeader("Content-Length", fileLen);   

Is this the correct approach?

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In your second example you should not keep increasing the offset. That's an offset into the buffer, not the file. You should use zero for the offset throughout.

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