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I'm developing an android app for CDMA phones that will gather the latitude/longitude of the cell tower they are connected to.

First: is this even possible?

Second: I've looked at previous posts where it says to simply add "CellLocation.requestLocationUpdate();" but it didn't have any effect. Here's the portion of code where I'm trying to retrieve the locations...

CdmaCellLocation CdmaLocation = (CdmaCellLocation)telephonyManager.getCellLocation();
int Longitude = CdmaLocation.getBaseStationLongitude();
int Latitude = CdmaLocation.getBaseStationLatitude();

Looking at the code for the CdmaCellLocation class reveals that those values are defaulted to Integer.MAX_VALUE, but how do you actually set the latitude and longitude?

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Before you cast getCellLocation to CdmaCellLocation, check your phoneType with telephonyManager.getPhoneType(), only cast it to Cdma if telephonyManager.getPhoneType() == TelephonyManager.PHONE_TYPE_CDMA. If you get TelephonyManager.PHONE_TYPE_GSM you should cast it to GsmCellLocation. I believe you get weird integer because the phone type is not cdma. –  Chor WaiChun May 20 '13 at 1:30
I just tried adding that to the code and unfortunately it didn't solve the problem. I probably should have mentioned that I'm already testing on a CDMA phone. Thanks for the quick response though –  miriye May 23 '13 at 18:54

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