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I am trying to pass text to JavaScript via document.getElementById. Specifically, I am trying to pass the value of the ID (set to "Jason_Example_12" in the example below). I can pass values that are integers, but am unable to pass text.

I have considered using innerHtml, but that does not get the value, it only gets what is between the <li> tags.

Any help would be appreciated!


<script type='text/javascript'>  

function ajaxAssignFull() {
var assignment_string = 
var assignment_string = document.getElementById('assignment_string_full').value


<li id="assignment_string_full" onclick='ajaxAssignFull()' value="Jason_Example_12"><a 
href="#">Jason Example</a></li>
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li elements don't have value attributes. Input elements do. –  j08691 May 20 '13 at 2:26
can you use data-attributes and jquery? if so that might be a good route for you. –  origin1tech May 20 '13 at 2:28

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Value wil make your html invalid on li, as li does not have a value attribute. Instead try using html5 data-*. You can always use getAttribute('value') but be discouraged to do so since value is invalid on li.


<li id="assignment_string_full" onclick='ajaxAssignFull()' data-value="Jason_Example_12"><a 
href="#">Jason Example</a></li>


var assignment_string = document.getElementById('assignment_string_full').getAttribute('data-value');
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You totally Rock!!! –  Brandon May 20 '13 at 2:29
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Try getAttribute('value')

function ajaxAssignFull() {
    var assignment_string = document.getElementById('assignment_string_full');


Use data-attribute is a good way.

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