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I need author name and last commit time for a specified file with python. Currentrly, I'm trying to use dulwich.

There're plenty of apis to retrieve objects for a specific SHA like:

repo = Repo("myrepo")
head = repo.head()
object = repo.get_object(head)
author = object.author
time = object.commit_time

But, how do i know the recent commit for the specific file? Is there a way to retrieve it like:

repo = Repo("myrepo")
commit = repo.get_commit('a.txt')
author = commit.author
time = commit.commit_time


repo = Repo("myrepo")
sha = repo.get_sha_for('a.txt')
object = repo.get_object(sha)
author = object.author
time = object.commit_time

Thank you.

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Something like this seems to work:

from dulwich import repo, diff_tree

fn = 'a.txt'
r = repo.Repo('.')
prev = None
walker = r.get_graph_walker()
cset = walker.next()
while cset is not None:

    commit = r.get_object(cset)
    if prev is None:
        prev = commit.tree
        cset = walker.next()

    res = None
    delta = diff_tree.tree_changes(r, prev, commit.tree)
    for x in diff_tree.tree_changes(r, prev, commit.tree):
        if x.new.path == fn:
            res = cset

    if res:

    prev = commit.tree
    cset = walker.next()

print fn, res
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Thank you @djc. Unless this doesn't work directly. You gave a clue to solve my problem. I'll add my solution later. Thank you again. –  ccoroom May 21 '13 at 16:21
Note that you can specify a paths argument to get_graph_walker(), in which case it will only yield entries that touch those paths. This should simplify the code a fair bit. –  jelmer Jun 10 '13 at 0:37

A shorter example, using Repo.get_walker:

r = Repo(".")
p = "the/file/to/look/for"

w = r.get_walker(paths=[p], max_entries=1)
    c = iter(w).next().commit
except StopIteration:
     print "No file %s anywhere in history." % p
    print "%s was last changed at %s by %s (commit %s)" % (
        p, c.author, time.ctime(c.author_time), c.id)
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