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My app.yaml wants to do this:

- url: /process/(.*)
  script: \1

So that I can pass an argument to the script.

This was working in the SDK, but oes not seem to be possible in the production servers, possibly because they are looking for a file to execute " arg" which does not exist.

Can anyone think of a way to do this without having to use a framework like django etc?

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This is part of their security I think.

In my code I do something similar but I just take the path that is given and then parse that to get what I want. There is a probably a better way to handle the capture group but I haven't had the need for it yet

path = self.request.path
remove the /process/ stuff and do the rest
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I found that the best way to actually do this was to POST the data to the handler.

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If this is working in the SDK, it's a bug - this isn't a design feature. You need to use a framework like webapp to parse the URL and pass fragments of it to your handler. Why do you not want to do so?

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