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I have requirement,that needs table rows inside a table excluding head row scrollable. I have tried as follows,but this do not give the desired result

 <table id="applicantList1" border="1" align="left">
<tr><td align="center" colspan="4"><b>Select one record from the below list for proceeding further </b></td></tr>
<tr><th>View</th><th>Name</th><th>Address</th><th>Pan No</th></tr>
  <c:forEach items="${applicantList}" var = "applicantList">  
    <div id="applicantList2" align="center" style="height:1px;width: 10px">

If any one have an idea,please share with me.

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check out: – İsmet Alkan May 20 '13 at 4:58
YOu can always check your html here – Ahmed Z. May 20 '13 at 5:01
@Ismet, it doesn't work in IE – jammykam May 20 '13 at 5:12
@jammykam you're right. tested it with IE8 and it doesn't work. – İsmet Alkan May 20 '13 at 5:14
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Are you able to use JavaScript? jQuery? What browsers do you need to support?

A CSS only solution is not possible, welcome to the holy grail: <table><tbody> scrollable?

You can try this as a CSS only solution, but the scrolling will not work in IE. You need to add thead and tbody tags to your table markup:

So your only solution for 100% coverage is to use JavaScript. I would use a combination of the above and a plugin so it degrades nicely when JS is off. DataTables is a jQuery plugin I've used before, if you need a pure JavsScript plugin, I'm sure you can Google them...

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To avoid scrolling the header I would try to create a structure consisting of two aligned tables. One for the header and a second table for the body. That way you can ensure that only the second table scrolls

If you're open to third party solutions I would also recommend the Telerik grids since they all support this behavior

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Not the way you're using it. Use a list instead of forcing a tr inside a div.

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You can solve this using css:

You could place your table inside a <div> with it's position set to relative. Inside the <div> set the table to inherit the position attribute. Set the in the table to position: absolute and top: 0, and the rest of the elements in the table should have their positions set to inherit.

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