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I need to add .jpg at the end of all he cells in one or more columns

9788895249971  into > 9788895249971.jpg
9788867230129  into > 9788867230129.jpg
9788867230273  into > 9788867230273.jpg
9788867230280  into > 9788867230280.jpg

Detailed step-by-step instructions are much appreciated since I am very new to Calc. Thanks

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Do you need to do this once or is this going to be a repeated task every week/month?

If it is something you need to do just once, here is what you can do:

Next (right) to the column where your numbers are open (insert) a new column. Assuming the following: Numbers are in column A, New column is column B.

In this new column B in the top cell (B1) write:


Now copy B1 all the way down to the end. In B1 type [Ctrl]+c then Hold [Shift] and hit [PgDn] until the end then press [Ctrl]+v. Highlight Column B, [Ctrl]+c, then [Edit] [Paste Special] values only (No formula's) this freezes the calculated data.

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