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I have fetched latlng of polyline using function getLatlngs(). Latlng are saved in database in format like "LatLng(-37.76949, 175.26481),LatLng(-37.77211, 175.26884),LatLng(-37.77323, 175.26532)".

$query = "Select * from geofence where geo_type=3";
$result = pg_exec($db_handle,$query);
if($result) {
for($row = 0; $row < pg_numrows($result); $row++){
    $fence_id   = pg_result($result,$row,'geo_id');
    $fence_nam  = strtoupper(pg_result($result,$row,'geo_name'));
    $fence_typ  = pg_result($result,$row,'geo_type');
    $fence_coord    = pg_result($result,$row,'geo_coord');

line<? echo $fence_id; ?> = new L.Polyline([new L.<? echo $fence_coord ?>).addTo(map);


How to draw these latlng on map? I have also used php split method to split latlngs but no success.

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What code do you have on client? Do you have JS errors on client? I think that new L.Polyline([new L.<? echo $fence_coord ?>).addTo(map); will implemented as new L.Polyline([new L.LatLng(-37.76949, 175.26481),LatLng(-37.77211, 175.26884),LatLng(-37.77323, 175.26532)).addTo(map); and this is not valid js because you didn't close array ']' and didn't have new L. before each point. I advice you store points as "[-37.76949, 175.26481],[-37.77211, 175.26884],[-37.77323, 175.26532]". –  tbicr May 20 '13 at 9:52
yes, you are right. but i have stored lat long in the format " -37.05518, 177.49512: -35.06597, 177.49512: -35.06597, 180.08789: -37.05518, 180.08789". then i am using PHP split function like this: rectangle<? echo $fence_id; ?> = new L.rectangle([ <?php $a = array(); $a = split(":",$fence_coord); for($i=0;$i<count($a);$i++){ echo "[".$a[$i]."],"; } ?>],{color:"#738DEA",weight:4}).addTo(map); –  user2393867 May 20 '13 at 9:56
you have different information in question and comment. Can you update your question for actual information? –  tbicr May 20 '13 at 10:11

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I used javascript function like this

function splitfunc(str){
    var a = ""+str;
    var b= replaceAll(/\)\,/g,":",a);
    var c= replaceAll(/LatLng\(/g," ",b);
    var d= replaceAll(/\)/g," ",c);
    return d;

function replaceAll(find, replace, str) {       
    return str.replace(find, replace);

Using these functions you can save Lat Long in any format
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