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I have a file named test-mule-flow.xml under src/main/app folder, and I added a unit test:

MuleFlowTest extends FunctionalTestCase
public String getConfigResources() {
    return "src/main/app/test-mule-flow.xml";

public void test......

Actually those tests are executed correctly when I execute it in Eclipse(Mule Studio) and also in maven build, but unfortunately these tests are failed in Intellij IDEA version 12.

And I suppose this is caused by the classloader, in IDEA, the sources files are house in target/classes folder, and the test class are house in target/test-classes, this is maybe the reason, but how can I configure it? and it it better in maven way, I don't want to do some move configuration in idea manually.


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You have the relative path specified and you did not provide information how the file under this path is actually read.

In the case it is read from classpath, you should make sure it is there. With Maven there is a convention to place resources under src\main\resources or src\test\resources. Maven-aware IDE usually automatically add these locations to classpath. If for some reason you cannot put your file into resources or other location included in classpath, you can manually configure source directories for project in IDEA.

In the case the file is read from filesystem, you should check what you have as a working directory in corresponding Run/Debug Configuration in IDEA.

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It looks like you're using a relative file path to load the file. So the actual result will depend on the directory from which the JVM executing your tests is started (it's "current" directory).

This is generally a bad idea. If the file is supposed to get bundled with the application, store it is src/main/resources and load it using the class loader:

InputStream in = MuleFlowTest.class.getResourceAsStream("/test-mule-flow.xml"));

If it's a file used only by your tests, store it in src/test/resources, and load it using the class loader (same as above).

If you really need to load it as a file, then ensure that the current directory is always the right one, or pass a system property telling the code what base directory it should use to create an absolute path.

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Maven uses the following 4 folders for its class path:

  • src/main/java - outputs in target/classes
  • src/main/resources - outputs in target/classes
  • src/test/java - outputs in target/test-classes
  • src/test/resources - outputs in target/test-classes

If you want to use any other folder for your tests ( and you have a decent reason for that ) then you should specify it explicitly for maven resource plugin as described in

Also, you should not use files from src folder in your tests, but rather from target ( and you shouldn't be specifying "target" either, just use the file name ), which is already in JVM's classpath.

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Thanks, but about the target, intellij 12 still can't find classes in the target folder which were generated by apache cxf-codegen-plugin . –  black sensei Dec 12 '13 at 12:27

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