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I am a bit lost and need your help, this seems to be easy in PHP but I am new to C#.

I have a string

string str = "41305"; // equivalent to 01/31/2013, parse from excel reader.

I need to insert date in DBF file and I am getting mismatch data type. How can I format it to DateTime ISO Format 20130131? Thanks in Advance.

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Use DateTime.FromOADate method.

DateTime dt = DateTime.FromOADate(41305);

For output:


Output would be:


Since you have the value in string, you can parse it to double using Double.Parse or Double.TryParse according to your requirement.

EDIT: Like:

string str = "41305";
DateTime dt = DateTime.FromOADate(double.Parse(str));
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@MatthewWatson, yes just noted that down as well, actually int.Parse is fine, but the method DateTime.FromOADate accepts double type parameter. –  Habib May 20 '13 at 6:39
thanks, it works! –  mhar May 20 '13 at 6:56
string str = "41305"; 
DateTime d = DateTime.FromOADate(Convert.ToDouble(str));
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